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Katyn: State-Sponsored Extermination

Collection of Essays


KATYN: State-Sponsored Extermination is an insightful collection of essays and captivating historical photographs surrounding the mass murder of Polish officers and mass deportations of their families by the Soviet Union, a criminal act of historic proportions and enduring political implications. In March 1940 Joseph Stalin decided to exterminate 25,700 best sons of Poland based on the cold calculation that “death of one person amounts to a tragedy but death of millions amounts to mere statistics.” We, the people, have the moral obligation to assure that the rational on which Joseph Stalin based his genocidal decision is wrong. This collection of essays is an attempt to draw public attention to the fact that the Katyn Crime has not been fully disclosed, adequately adjudicated, and properly condemned to this day. Accordingly, families of those who perished in the Katyn hecatomb are yet to find peace since the moral calculus that brings about closure has not been worked out with respect to the Katyn Crime.

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