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Jersey City Katyn Monument Endangered!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am writing you again to remind you about today’s Exchange Place Alliance Virtual MeetingMonday, June 13, 2022 @11:30 am EDT.  More details on this meeting are in the attachment, some can be also found here.  As promised, for those of you who want to speak at this meeting, I am also sending you my concept of “talking points”, slightly revised based on comments which I received today.  Reading the whole set is likely to exceed the 3-minute time limit, so please feel free to rehash it as you like, and pick the most important points.

In my opinion, we all should unequivocally state at least this fragment:

I am asking you, Mr. President and Members of this Board, to please order making changes to the current plans, to eliminate its shortcomings and let the Monument stand there in a duly dignified way:

  1. Eliminate entirely the ring of embankments, raised ground, seatwalls and benches with high backrests, surrounding the Monument from the West, North and South;
  2. Preserve the paved space surrounding the Monument, as a circle of at least 100 ft. in diameter, free of any objects placed there and with unobstructed access. 
  3. Do not remove the diamond “apron”, which constitutes the lower base of the Monument.

If you think you still have sufficient time, you may wish to add the segment about exclusion:

These days, we hear a lot about social inclusion.  Hiding the ceremonies at the Katyn Memorial from public view blows in the face of that idea by promoting non-inclusion, or exclusion, of the Polish American community and of all Americans conscious of history, for whom the memory of the Katyn victims, as well as of the 9/11 terrorist attack victims is dear.  This is especially important today, at the time of the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

However, I think now that we should do even smarter: paying close attention to who of the public speakers says what, the following persons may limit their statements to saying this formula:

Mr. President and Members of the Board, I fully agree with (the name of the person who articulated our demands the way you like it) and support his (or her} opinion which you just heard.  Thank you for your attention.

This may allow more of us to be heard before they close the public speaking section, increasing the strength of our message.  Don’t worry about the repetitions.

Make sure to be there VIrtually, whether or not you intend to speak!


Andrzej Burghardt

President, PAC New Jersey Division


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