Be Not Afraid! Historical Context Katyn Voice of Polonia

Prophetic Words of President Lech Kaczynski

August 2008 – Representatives of 5 Central European States and the European Union under the leadership of Polish President Lech Kaczynski defended Georgia against the Russian aggression.

During the of Russian Aggression on Georgia President Lech Kaczynski addressed the people in Tbilisi:

Our neighbor showed their true face, the one we have known for years.

These neighbors believe that nations around them should be subjugated to them.

We say ‘no’!

This country believes that the old times of the recent empire return, that domination once again will become the characteristic of this region. It will not become! These times are gone forever.

We all experienced this domination.

This is a calamity for Europe. This is breaking of people’s characters, this is imposing a foreign system, a foreign language.

But today, we are here together. Today the world must react!

We know very well that today is Georgia, tomorrow Ukraine, after tomorrow Baltic Republics, and later possibly it’s time for my country – Poland.

We were deeply convinced that membership in NATO and the European Union would end the Russian appetite, but evidently, this is not the case. However, we should be able to resist this action if the values that Europe stands for have any meaning.

For the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II at Westerplatte on September 1, 2009, he said:

Westerplatte stands as a symbol of heroic resistance to a stronger adversary.

Munich represents a pact, which requires reflection.  Between honor and dishonor, politicians chose dishonor but even this choice did not prevent a war.

Not always, as in the case of Munich, the results are so immediate and tragic. But with time, tragic results always come!  This is a very important lesson for contemporary Europe and for the entire world.

I deeply believe that the entire Europe aspires to these goals of pluralism, liberty, democracy, and truth.

Some say that the Katyn massacre is a communist crime. No, in this case, it is chauvinism, not communism.

We, the Poles, have the right to know the full truth with respect to matters tragic to our nation, and we must never give up this right.


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