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Katyn: Unfinished Inquiry, Capitol Hill, DC, September 15, 2011













Conference Materials:

Conference Announcement 1 2

Conference Agenda and Sponsors


  • Dr. John Lenczowski, IWP
    Dr. John Lenczowski, IWP
  • Frank Spula, President, PAC
    Frank Spula, President, PAC
  • Dr. John Van Oudenaren
    Dr. John Van Oudenaren
  • Dr. David Crane
    Dr. David Crane
  • Mr. Wesley Adamczyk
    Mr. Wesley Adamczyk
  • Hon. Aurelia Pucinski
    Hon. Aurelia Pucinski
  • Hon. Marcy Kaptur
    Hon. Marcy Kaptur
  • Sen. Mark Kirk Honored
    Sen. Mark Kirk Honored
  • Rep. Dennis Kucinich
    Rep. Dennis Kucinich
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