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Katyn Conference Links:


   a. Dean of Law School, Remarks by Congressman Dennis Kucinich

   b. Senator Sherrod Brown

2. Presentation of Facts

   a. Dr. Mark Kramer, Hardvard University

   b. Dr. Teresa Kaczorowska, Poland

   c. Wesley Adamczyk, Son of the Katyn Victim

3.What Constitutes the Katyn Crime?  Milena Sterio, Kenneth Ledforf, John Barrett, Maria Szonert

4. Remarks by Hon. Marcy Kaptur, US Representative D-OH-9 

5. Remarks by Hon. Stephen Rapp, Luncheon Keynote Speaker

6. Attempts to Litigate the Katyn Crime

Maria Szonert, William Schabas, Milena Sterio, Alexandar Guryanov, Janusz Cisek

7. Was Katyn a Genocide?

Micheal Scharf, Stephen Rapp, David Crane, William Schabas, Maria Szonert Binienda

   a. Stephen Rapp -  U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes Issues – part of panel

***Trailer from “Officer’s Wife” movie

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